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Packaged Financial Services for a Sustainable Future

Tax & Accounting



Financial Advisor

Martille Faatz, LLC is the only firm that offers a unique process to Harvest Cash & Profits™ that promotes a stable and profitable financial future. Harvesting Cash & Profits™ describes our repeatable analytical strategy that yields increased profits, minimizes a company's tax and produces a stronger cash position. Much like preparing farmland crops for a robust harvest, Martille Faatz, LLC prepares clients for a viable and stable future by devising a best-fit financial strategy to discover profits and build wealth.

Helping Clients Harvest Cash & Profits™

Our proactive Harvesting Cash & Profits™ approach to financial, business and tax management provides clients with a big picture understanding of their financial position and the corresponding services needed to meet operational and financial benchmarks to ultimately, achieve future financial prosperity.

Individual Service Packages or a Total Package:

To best meet the individual needs of our clients, we have broken out our service offerings into unique packages to choose from. Each service package and process therein is adapted per client and the service(s) they require. Choose one package or several based on your business needs. If your company would benefit from all of the service offerings, ask for Harvesting Business Cash & Profits™ – our total package.

Tax Services:

At Martille Faatz, LLC, we guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize tax liabilities and maximize cash flow.